About Us

Westset Logistics is a Class A, third party logistics company (3PL) based in Southern California. As a basic Class A 3PL, the business model within Westset has been created to provide flexibility, control and visibility to customer stock and inventory movement in real time. Each item is tracked, each move is monitored and the team have a very focused agenda in creating efficiencies and cutting costs where possible. 

The History of Westset

A family owned business that has been in operation for over 20 years.

Westset Logistics is Southern California’s Class A 3PL, providing excellence in storage and materials handling for all industrial and consumer products. A warehouse management software is used to track and manage all inventory and movement. Customers are able to login remotely with custom reports made available on line. Every customer is assigned with a dedicated account representative who is able to process both industrial bulk shipments right through to drop ship request.

Some very basic but important features of Westset Logistics are summarized in the table below.

Tracking & Online Access

Industrial, Consumer Goods, Dry Food, Non-Perishable Items, Government, Some Military Items

Products Welcome

Industrial, Consumer Goods, Dry Food, Non-Perishable Items, Government, some Military Items


Picking individual items, re-packing, labeling, sorting, dispatching to commercial or residential addresses

3PL Consultation

All Sectors

Tracking & Online Access

Industrial, Consumer Goods, Dry Food, Non-Perishable Items, Government, Some Military Items

A Message from Our President

Firstly thank you for taking the time to review our website. The business has come a long way and I have to thank our very loyal customers and staff who have stuck with us for a long time. As everyone knows, the logistics business is fairly competitive and often the challenge is meeting the needs of every single customer for the right value. The investment I make personally is in the everyday operational issues to make sure each customer receives value for their investment with us. Each and every transaction is monitored and every person is held accountable. With DaVinci, our Warehouse Management Software we provide full visibility to our customers. Tracking your inventoried items is made easy with a secured gateway to our systems giving our customers the ability to export inventory and transactional reports as required. Our customers are based both globally and in various parts of the USA. Our locations in Southern California offer great advantages as we are strategically positioned close to the Port of Long Beach and geographically located in between Los Angeles County and Orange County.

My vision for the business is not only growth, but growth without compromising the quality of service we provide today. Each account representative has a good handle on each customer account and we will continue to provide a very personal service.


Guy Dominguez


We aim to provide solutions for our customers and have the following partnerships to complete the commercial requirements from sales, warehousing and transportation, making this a solid supply chain beachhead. A business needs to be able to move its inventory with a sales plan which is driven with our strategic partners who operate within the Westset facility,

Total Transportation and Distribution

Total Transportation and Distribution is able to offer both LTL and TL trucking services anywhere between San Diego and San Barbara and everywhere in between. The fleet of close to 90 trucks are the best transportation solution for businesses who want accurate, on time and cost effective solutions. The team reacts proactively to requests and has a customer service attitude. Total has recently upgraded all routing and customer service software and equipped each driver with handheld devices empowering customers to gain access to real time tracking and planning. Click here for more information www.ttdwest.com

Iffel International Inc.

Iffel International provides sales and marketing services for all Westset and Total’s clients. Services range from website development, e-commerce solutions, SEO, Social Media and PR campaigns. The synergies between both companies, offer strategic and operational benefits for Westset customers who require inventory to turn more regularly. “We create platforms to sell your product be it through B2B or B2C channels” says Hema Dey President of Iffel International. For more information click here www.iffelinternational.com