Distribution Services

Special Project Requests

At times, the standard offering does not fit your business needs. We are agile in our approach and can assess a custom solution.

We are very experienced in adapting to various scenarios.
Some examples of special projects:

  1. Trans loading only
  2. Oversized packaging
  3. Unusual shaped packaging
  4. Re-packing and un-packing
  5. Others as required

We cannot promise miracles but we do promise to give you our best assessment and proposal, customizing a solution that is a win win for all parties and, we will make sure you get the best from our team.

Container Handling

Whether you are expected to receive an overseas container or need to ship overseas, Westset Logistics has years of experience in unloading/ loading and handling of all types of products that are required to ship via these methods. In addition to overseas containers, we can also prepare for over the rail.

Pallet, Case, Individual Item Picking

Westset logistics will provide the service to suit your operations requirements.  Whether you need to ship by pallet or just individual pieces, Westset can handle all types of operational needs.  We have years of experience in shipping via Truckloads, LTL and down to small parcel shipments via Fedex or UPS.

Our experienced representatives can evaluate your operational needs and provide competitive pricing by clicking HERE


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